Hand Carved Green Jade Fish Hook Pendant

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Hand carved with love, this Green Jade pendant is blessed with the intention of joy, abundance and empowerment.  Light weight and the perfect protection totem for all occasions, you will never want to take this stunning little pendant off! 

Green Jade is a symbol of serenity, tranquility, and purity. It’s a stone that’s believed to bring in good luck, friendship, peace, and harmony.  It is aligned with the vibrational level of the heart chakra and can help if the heart becomes stuck. Jade has a vibration that can shift blockages and provides cleansing to promote a healthy flow of energy through the heart centre.  

The Fish hook is a stunning adornment and is said to bring prosperity, good health and safe travel across water. It is also used to signify one’s connection to water. The origin of the fish hook as a pendant is; it was given to ones partner when going on a journey ....To ensure they had a means to eat and thus would return safely ! This stunning piece is reiki blessed and carved with the intention of abundance for the wearer✨ ....May this piece bring you prosperity and joy!!

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