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    Our Story

    From Woodford Folk Festival to Rainbow Serpent, if you have been to a music festival or Bush Doof in Australia, then chances are you have stepped foot in our amazing festival shop!

    Our Love

    We remain so proud to have added to the magic at so many festivals!!  We’ve had so much fun making amazing connections and sharing love!  With high energy fun, we bring the festive in festival!  We pride ourselves in sharing an amazing and beautiful festival space!  Over the years we have established ourselves as more than just another festival shop;  It’s a magical experience, a dance floor, a fun house, a meeting place, a locker, a comedy club, a sacred space, a catwalk, a safe place, a place you know you are looked after.  I feel so blessed to have encountered so many beautiful souls.  Our festival pixie family extends all over the world!  So much laughter, dancing, tears and smiles!  Just as you have kept something special from us, a pair of earrings or necklace or just a fun chat, a special part of you we take with us! 

    Our Beginning

    Ishika has been a personal journey of empowerment and abundance.  In the beginning it was a 'love' business.  We traded out of the sheer joy of sharing our unique natural jewellery designs and connecting with people from all walks of life, as well as the wonderful empowering feeling one gets from making money without a boss!  It remained a hobby business for many years whilst I worked full time in construction.  In 2016 I was involved in a serious workplace injury, resulting in several years of debilitating pain and multiple spinal surgeries and worst of all... the inability to surf! 

    It was a very dark and difficult time!  I kept going with my 'love' business because it kept me sane and eventually somehow it pulled me through!  After my final surgery, on my paperwork they labelled ’20% PPL’  (permanent physical loss).  When I saw this I decided; I’m aiming for 85% growth instead!  In all areas!  Ishika has flourished into such a beautiful tree I am able to empower other small handmade businesses and I get to live by my core values…Surfing everyday!  My biggest hope is that Ishika can be a vehicle to inspire and help others as she has done for me!  Jump and the universe will catch you!!  ChoKuRei!

    All of my love, Luke.