Bone & Brass Angel Wing Ring

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Introducing our enchanting bone and brass Angel ring, a captivating piece that combines the earthy beauty of bone with the timeless elegance of brass. This unique ring is thoughtfully designed with a focus on intricate details, making it a perfect accessory for the pinky finger. The ring's size is adjustable and small in size. 

The focal point of the ring is the exquisitely carved Angel figure, crafted from ethically sourced bone. The bone material not only adds a natural touch but also carries symbolic meaning, representing strength, spirituality, and connection to the earth. The Angel wings are delicately adorned with brass accents, which beautifully contrast with the bone, adding a touch of sophistication and highlighting the intricate details of the design.

This Angel ring serves as a personal talisman, a reminder of divine protection and guidance throughout life's journey. Its adjustable size makes it a versatile piece that can be worn on the pinky finger, creating a distinctive and eye-catching statement. Whether as a meaningful self-expression or a cherished gift for someone special, our bone and brass Angel ring will effortlessly blend spirituality and style, leaving a lasting impression on those who wear it or behold its beauty.

Adjustable for small to medium ❤️

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