White Brass Angel Wing Necklace

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Discover the ethereal allure of our White Brass Angel Wing Neck Collar – a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Individually handcrafted from the finest quality white brass, this collar encapsulates the celestial charm of angelic wings in a unique and captivating form.

The lustrous white brass is carefully shaped into a graceful neck collar, while the meticulously carved angel wings add a touch of celestial enchantment. This piece is a harmonious fusion of material and artistry, capturing the delicate balance between modern elegance and spiritual symbolism.

Wear the White Brass Angel Wing Neck Collar as an emblem of your connection to higher realms and your appreciation for meticulous craftsmanship. This collar transcends mere jewelry, becoming a tangible representation of the ethereal and a celebration of the beauty that arises when skill meets inspiration

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