River Goddess Wood and Brass Earrings

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Our enchanting River Goddess Earrings pay homage to nature's elegance and the timeless art of handcraftsmanship. Skillfully carved from natural wood, these earrings embody the tranquil flow of rivers, capturing the essence of elemental beauty.

Designed for comfort, these earrings feature intricately carved wood suspended from high-quality nickel-free brass ear wires. Their lightweight nature ensures a gentle and effortless wearing experience, allowing you to enjoy their beauty throughout your day.

With every sway, the River Goddess Earrings whisper tales of nature's secrets and the profound harmony found in its patterns. Whether adorning your ears for everyday elegance or accentuating a special occasion, these earrings bring the spirit of the river wherever you journey.

Elevate your jewelry collection with our River Goddess Earrings – an homage to nature's grace and the artisan's skill, perfectly uniting the delicate balance of wood and brass, land and water.

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Natural materials

All of our adornments are lovingly handcrafted from ethically sourced natural materials of mother earth